Vote Kristen Rosen Gonzalez for Miami Beach Commissioner

Miami Beach is one of the most special and unique places in the world, and I am running for a commission seat because I want it to stay that way. The issues affecting us are ones we’ve never faced before: sea level rise, environmental deterioration, overdevelopment, runaway crime, Ocean Drive issues, and a tourism intrusion lobby that is calling the shots.

I say, “Enough is enough!” We need to elect leaders who will hold the city manager accountable for our inability to clean up ten blocks (5th to 10th Street on Ocean, Collins and Washington), a dysfunctional building department, legal opinions circumventing the Miami Beach Charter, weak reaction to environmental deterioration, and selling off public land without a voter referendum.

As your commissioner, I will:

  • Make sure that we follow the Miami Beach Charter and respect building heights, voter referendum requirements regarding the sale of public land, and density controls
  • Ensure that our administration starts seriously cleaning up the criminal element just north of South of Fifth
  • Works on a long-term plan with the U.S. Government, the State of Florida and Miami-Dade County to clean up Biscayne Bay and ensure water quality on our beaches
  • Leverage Miami Beach resources to create excellent supplementary education programs for our students
  • Protect all existing assets of the Miami Beach Housing Authority
  • Work with administration to improve administrative operations at City Hall
  • Improve our website and make information and operations easier and more accessible
  • Work on flood mitigation without raising streets higher than properties

    Why should you vote for me over my three opponents? Here’s why:

  • Prior legislative experience, relationships at county, state and federal levels
  • Prior small business owner at Surfside’s famous “Café Ragazzi”
  • Proven resident-friendly voting record
  • Works in public sector, commutes, raising three children on Miami Beach
  • Tenured faculty member at Miami Dade College
  • Trilingual: English, Spanish and French
  • Real Estate Sales Associate (understands land use and market trends)
  • PhD in Leadership in Higher Education Administration
  • Comprehensive understanding of the diversity of our community
  • Proven courage to stand up to developers and special interests

Some people say I shouldn’t play the gender card, but two women are leaving the commission, and regressing to a board that doesn’t have equal representation among men and women would weaken our local government, because diversity of perspective is what creates the best decision-making and policies. My life experiences inform the way I create policies, and my experiences and education are more diverse, more community-oriented, and more robust than any of my opponents.