Tourists Don't Drive?

Over the past four years the City of Miami Beach has eliminated parking requirements for developers while adding no new spaces. If you wonder why you're circling for a spot with no luck, here's why.

Over the past four years the Miami Beach Commission has reduced parking requirements (click here to see how many) for new developments while increasing density and building thousands of hotel rooms and residential units. 

The argument? Tourists don't drive. This may be true, and tourists might be ride-sharing, but it doesn't mean that new developments shouldn't require parking spaces, because parking requirements fund our public parking garages. If you want to build it and not build parking, you should at least pay to fund public garages. 

The Miami Beach Commission's answer? They decided to tax you in G.O. Bonds to build public parking garages.

That $70 million garage in North Beach? Yeah, you're paying for it-- because the guys building the 22-story towers next door aren't. 

I call parking B.S. 

Tell your commissioners to stop accommodating a small group of "aprovechadores" and start accommodating the residents who live here.  

Your Neighbor,

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