Miami Beach "For Sale"

We need transformational leadership to move Miami Beach in the right direction. The amount of "For Sale" signs on the homes of longtime Miami Beach residents is worrisome. 

As I walk the city and knock on your doors to ask for your vote, I have been stopped in my tracks by the sheer number of “For Sale” signs on the lawns of longtime Miami Beach residents.
While the reasons people are selling their homes differ, one common denominator is that our quality of life has diminished. Residents are concerned about traffic congestion, crime, lack of available parking, and polluted water. 
Our elected leaders ran on campaign slogans like “hitting pause” to development and mitigating traffic congestion, yet they seem to turn the other cheek to these increasing nuisances. “We are working to solve them,” is the standard line you get if you ask about these issues.
But how? How are we working to solve them? How is the approval of more and denser development going to help lower traffic, pollution, noise and crime? How will our quality of life be further impacted by:

  • Alton Road and 5th Street 540 ft. tower
  • Up-Zoning of Washington Avenue (thousands of hotel rooms)
  • Hotel Rooms on Lincoln Road 
  • Up-Zoning/New Hotels Rooms in Collins Park Neighborhood
  • Convention Center Hotel (800 hotel rooms) 
  • Ocean Terrace Development
  • North Beach Town Center (thousands of condo units and hotel rooms)

These private sector projects are already approved and in the pipeline, and the convention center hotel will (hopefully) attract high-end conventions to fill our city with well-heeled tourists, but these projects will also greatly increase density and traffic across the city, decrease parking (most parking requirements were removed for these projects) and lower hotel room rates, because there are just too many hotel rooms. 
Now is the time for serious change. Transformational change. A change in direction that will make residents want to stay in Miami Beach, because it's not too late to salvage our quality of life.

We need courageous and transformational leadership to take a stand and demand that the city absorbs all of this new development before continuing to sell off whatever development rights we have left.

This is not radical thinking. This is rational thinking. This is the kind of thinking we need more of. And it’s the kind of "Big Picture" thinking I hope you consider in this upcoming election cycle. 
Your Neighbor,

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